Workers on World Cup Stadium Threaten to Strike

The progress of a World Cup Stadium in the Brazilian jungle city of Manaus is under threat as workers intend on going on strike to demand better working conditions and safety. This threat comes after a third death of a construction worker at the stadium.

FIFA fears that a strike would only cause further delays to the completion of the stadium, named Arena da Amazonia , a mere few months before what is supposed to be the start of the biggest soccer tournament in the world.

A union leader was quoted as saying:

“We have to guarantee the workers’ rights and their safety,” union leader Cicero Custodio told Brazilian news media. “Nobody will get in on Monday.”

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Seb Blatter said that Brazil was further behind in their world cup preparations than any other previous host and the venue in southern Brazil is at risk of not being finished in time.

The latest death was that of a 55 year old worker who was disassembling a crane that was used to install the stadium’s roof. He was the third worker to lose his life while working on this project within a year.

Brazil has already missed its December deadline – the date by which it promised that all 12 of its World Cup venues would be finished and with the tournament meant to start June 12th, only 7 have been completed. Six of the completed stadiums were done for the Confederations Cup warm up tournament held last June which means that only one stadium has been completed since then.

According to the stadium’s management, the Arena Da Amazonia was almost complete when the third fatal accident took place.

Authorities are currently investigating the latest incident and public prosecutors said they will halt construction if safety conditions at the site are not adequate as workers threaten to strike.

The following excerpt from an article on explains the history of Brazil’s World Cup preparation woes:

The first death in Manaus happened in March, when a man fell from a scaffold and hit his head. In December, another worker died after falling 35 metres while working on the stadium’s roof, prompting a work stoppage of four days as authorities inspected safety conditions. Later that same day, a worker died of a heart attack while paving an area outside the venue.

Seven workers have died at World Cup venues so far. In late November, two workers were killed when a crane collapsed while hoisting a 500-ton piece of roofing at the stadium that will host the World Cup opener in Sao Paulo. In 2012, a worker died at the construction site of the stadium in the nation’s capital, Brasilia.

Brazil has been under a spotlight because of its problematic World Cup preparations, with the southern host city of Curitiba still in danger of being dropped because of a delay in stadium construction. The country also is making headlines because of fan violence and turmoil in the

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