Reforms make Building Approvals Quicker and Simpler

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Tasmania is the first state to pass a new Building Bill that removes the need for permits on many basic building projects.

Under the new risk based Bill passed through Parliament last week, many basic building projects will not need permits including decks, carports and even 2 storey houses.

Master Builders Tasmania and other industry bodies including builders and clients have welcomed the reforms which would boost the industry which employs almost 20,000 people in the state.  For more go to:


The cost of Rising Temperatures

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Climate change and the rising global temperatures associated with it are expected to cost trillions over the coming years.

According to UN research, $A2.63 trillion will be lost due to the decline in productivity caused by rising temperatures. In some parts of the globe it will become unbearable to work in the heat.

Many Asian countries will be affected and will experience a decline in their GDP including China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

The number of natural disasters we see taking place around the world is also expected to continue rising, affecting productivity and costing trillions.

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Addressing The Risk of Fires on Construction Sites

fireAn article on recently reminded us of the importance of risk control when it comes to fire and explosion on construction sites.

Besides the serious injury and possible fatalities fires and explosions can cause, they can also cause significant damage to property and cripple a project.

As the article detailed, the law dictates that any person conducting a business or undertaking must prevent the possibility of fire or explosion from an ignition of flammable substances associated with a hazardous area or a hazardous atmosphere.

There are a number of measures suggested for controlling risks of fire and explosion. Read more about them at


Worker Impaled on Construction Site


A man had to be rushed via CareFlight to hospital after he was impaled by a metal rod on a construction site.

The man fell 4 metres before the steel rod went straight through hit thigh.

The 26 year old man was conscious throughoout the etire ordeal.

This incident reminds us about the risks associated with construction.

In Australia, all workers in the construction must first unergo workplace safety and education training, the white card.



NSW Work Related Deaths at Lowest in Decades

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The rate of deaths and injuries in New South Wales workplaces has declined, according to the latest data from the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

Workplace injuries decreased by 8 per cent in 2013/2014 and fatalities dropped to their lowest levels since 1987/88.

The data is evidence of the NSW Government commitment to bringing down injury rates and improving workplace safety and productivity, Deputy Secretary Better Regulation, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation and Chief Executive of SIRA, Anthony Lean explained.


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