Unacceptable Number of Worker Deaths This Year

The latest statistics on the number of worker deaths in Oz have revealed unacceptable numbers of construction workers being killed on the job.

According to a post on SafetyCulture.com.au 31 Australian workers have been killed at work, as at 13 March this year, with 11 of these coming from the construction sector.

The construction industry has suffered the greatest number of worker deaths if media reports are anything to go by. The figures are provided by Safe Work Australia’s Notifiable report.

Read the following post from SafetyCulture.com.au that explains further:


Safe Work Australia records cases of work fatality and injury, updates statistics and prepares several reports. The data is an initial estimate for the number of people killed and is based on initial media reports.

Worker deaths by industry of workplace as of 13 March 2013:

Work-related status of this report cannot be confirmed until the death is investigated by authority. Once confirmed, it is reported in Safe Work Australia’s Monthly Fatalities Reports.

Safe Work Australia’s Notifiable report provides a national summary of work-related fatalities notifiable to Australian work health and safety jurisdictions. Aside from providing an estimate of the number of work-related fatalities, the report also shows details of the types of incidents involved. It also includes details of the industry of the workplace, at which the fatalities occurred, as well as the industry of the decedent’s employer.

Read more: http://www.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/03/safe-work-australia-31-australians-fatalities-at-work-year-to-date/

Looking at these statistics it becomes clear why The White Card is a mandatory requirement under national Australian law for any worker entering a construction site.

The construction industry is evidently a dangerous place if hazards are not controlled and workers are not trained on the appropriate safety measures to remain safe and healthy in the building industry.

Employers, workers and other construction industry insiders can improve safety by working together and making safety the top priority.

One of the ways to do this is to undergo quality White Card training with a registered training provider that will not just process white cards as a matter of legal compliance but is dedicated to helping workers and employers achieve safety on their work sites, thereby minimising the number of injuries and deaths in the industry.

The general construction safety White Card is aimed at equipping workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to avoid injury on a hazardous work site, as well as avoid hurting others on site, especially considering that most injuries on site occur at the hands of another worker.

Because we are the leading provider of White Cards in Australia in both volume and quality, we aim to have a positive impact on the safety of construction workers across our country and get them home to their families safely at the end of the day. Visit our homepage for more information or to sign up.

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