Union Finds Teen Death on Work Site was Avoidable

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The Adelaide construction site where a 17 year old worker was killed when a timber frame fell onto him has been described as having an “appalling lack of basic safety”.

Workers on the site were apparently working without even hard hats. There was no site manager, no first aid facilities, no amenities and no safety officer.

The young worker died after a wall collapsed and a timber frame fell onto him. He was rushed to hospital with critical head injuries but died shortly afterwards.

It’s important that those in control of the site are meeting their safety obligations and providing workers with the necessary safe system of work and work environment as is required by work health and safety regulation.

All workers should be properly trained in safety,beginning with mandatory white card training.

Read more at: https://sourceable.net/sa-teen-building-death-preventable-cfmeu/


Reforms make Building Approvals Quicker and Simpler

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Source: roofplumber3.blogspot.com

Tasmania is the first state to pass a new Building Bill that removes the need for permits on many basic building projects.

Under the new risk based Bill passed through Parliament last week, many basic building projects will not need permits including decks, carports and even 2 storey houses.

Master Builders Tasmania and other industry bodies including builders and clients have welcomed the reforms which would boost the industry which employs almost 20,000 people in the state.  For more go to: http://www.themercury.com.au/news/politics/construction-industry-gives-reform-thumbs-up-to-make-make-gaining-building-approvals-fairer-faster-simpler-and-cheaper/news-story/39e3ffd08ca2875faf9894a4a383f1de


WA Government Recycling Scheme Raises Eyebrows

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A push to recycle construction waste has created an asbestos hazard which has industry insiders concerned about the safety of workers on government projects.

The state government recently offered a $10million incentive for local governments to use recycled construction and demolition materials in civil projects such as roads, car parks and drains.

State government promoted the practice which it said was preferable to having the waste buried in landfills however industry insiders say given that asbestos was so popular in older buildings, there is no guarantee that there is no asbestos in the recycled products.


To find out more, go to: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/asbestos-scandal-wa-government-scheme-to-recycle-construction-waste-raised-as-asbestos-risk/news-story/fa32aee0a17e405af892c7227d188aa0


Sydney CBD Skyline Revamp Planned


A new plan proposing office buildings in Sydney be built higher than the 309 metre high Sydney Tower may result in the biggest revamp of the skyline in decades.

The arched skyline for which Sydney is well known may soon be a thing of the past if the proposal is successful, aiming to boost employment and the city’s economy.

The City of Sydney’s 20 year development plan for Central Sydney would allow commercial buildings to be  built higher than 300  metres, an increase of 24 stories compared to the current tallest commercial building at the moment, Chifley Tower.

According to Lord Mayor Clover More, the proposal is a result of 3 years of intensive research.


Evaluating Whether Your Site is at risk

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Source: roofplumber3.blogspot.com

How not to approach site safety has been demonstrated by one NSW company who was issued a massive fine recently following the death of one of its workers.

The man was killed when he fell through an unguarded penetration while undertaking bricklaying work.

The company and its director failed to accept responsibility for the incident and were issued with fines of $425,000 and $85,000 respectively. The company subsequently went out of business.



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