Fast And Easy Ways To Get Your White Card

Fast and Easy Ways To Get Your White Card

Occupation injuries and hazards at construction sites are a serious and common concern these days. Construction induction training helps to create a safe worksite and reduce the risk of work related injuries.

A white card is issued only after the completing the accredited course on occupational health and safety (OH & S). White Card (CPCCOHS1001A) courses are for working safely in construction industries. The course is designed to teach you about how to avoid hazards while working on construction sites. Once you complete the course, you need to complete an assessment and after passing the assessment you are provided a valid licence, in the form of a credit card sized White Card.

White Card Online Express now Available!

Here is some more detailed information about an easy and convenient way to get you White Card: Doing it online!

It is now possible to complete your express White Card course online, making it easier than ever to gain access to the opportunities available in the growing construction industry.

Because the White Card is nationally recognized once you have obtained your accreditation, you can work across borders or seek work on a building site anywhere in Australia without the hassle of repeating the course.

Undoubtedly online education has superseded other forms of formal education in terms of popularity over the past few years and this is for a number of good reasons, mostly relating to convenience, ease, cost and practicality.

Taking the White Card Course online offers a number of other benefits that conventional training providers just can’t provide without compromising on quality education. Our course exceeds most others on quality as well because it has been designed in conjunction with the most experienced professionals and experts in the industry.

Factors to Consider about White Card Training Online

1. When you complete your training through White Card Online Express, you aren’t locked into a specific training location, so whether students live in a rural community or big city, all that’s needed is a computer, internet connection, telephone and printer to complete the course.

Often young people from rural areas are forced to leave their homes in order to complete training, with our online course this is not an issue.

2. One of the most attractive factors of the White Card Online Express course is that its flexible. Students are able to complete the course from their home, office, public library etc. This makes it easy to fit into any schedule without adding the inconvenience and cost of traveling to a training institution. Due to this benefit, whether you are a school leaver or mature student with a full time job you can complete the course without having to alter your regular regime.

3. Another undeniable benefit of online training in general as well as our course is that it can be accessed anywhere at any time, 24 hours a day. Students can fit in the training whenever they have free time and our convenient course picks up wherever you last left off allowing you to complete the course as it suits you… broken up over pieces of time or in one sitting – it’s up to you, you aren’t confined to office hours to complete the course content.

4. Students who can’t afford tertiary education will be pleased to note that our online course costs just $38.90 including the delivery of your White Card in the mail. The financial savings we experience from offering our course online rather than in a bricks and mortar environment means that we can transfer these savings to our students through lower registration fees. It would be impossible to find a training provider who offers the quality of training provided by White Card Online Express at the price we do.

5. Our White Card course allows students to gain access to a wealth of knowledge obtained over decades by experts in the health and safety industry. The course was developed using the expertise of professionals who have been at the top of their game for a number of years. Our students can rest assured knowing they are receiving the best quality training, despite the low cost of the course.

6. The technology utilised by White Card Online Express is advanced and makes the course convenient and dynamic. Students that have completed our course say that one of the best aspects of the course is that it engages them which prevents boredom and allows them to retain the information better.

7. The White Card Online Express course facilitates a more learner centred approach rather than forcing learners to adapt to the teaching style of the person administering the course. Everyone has their own way of learning, our simple and dynamic system ensures that everyone, regardless of their computer skills or IQ is able to comprehend and successfully complete the course. Students are able to repeat the assessments as many times as necessary to understand and pass. This basically results in better retention of information and better learning which also equates to value for money.

8. Students that complete the course with us have access to one of our trainers and can call our Brisbane based call center if necessary during office hours– our agents are happy to assist you.

How Does The White Card Online Express Course Work?

Once you register online via White Card Online Express and make payment (instructions appear on our site) the course content is delivered online and the assessments are completed online for each section. The topics include what the law says about workplace health and safety, your rights and responsibilities on site, the major hazards associated with construction work in general and how to deal with them effectively.

Most people take only 3 to 4 hours to complete the online course content. Others choose to complete the course over smaller chunks of time over a period of time. Students can choose to register and complete the course anytime, night or day.

Once you have successfully completed all the online assessments, you will have to complete a telephone based verbal assessment with one of our industry qualified assessors as part of a government requirement. You also will require a printer to print out your Statement of attainment.

On completion of the course your White Card, a small credit card sized item, will be mailed to you within a few days. This must be retained as proof that you are accredited to work on a construction site in Australia.

Check out the course right here!


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