Traffic Safety on Road Construction Zones

Road construction zones can be dangerous especially for the construction workers working on them. In fact in some countries like The United States of America transport incidents and workers struck by vehicles or mobile equipment account for the greatest number of fatal work injuries (according to Bureau of Labor Statistics USA) and Oz is much different.

Workers on these road construction sites are most likely at risk of being struck by moving vehicles, either those apart of the construction work or passing by the site.

One of the most important points to consider is that there is an appropriate traffic control plan for the movement of vehicles in areas where there are workers conducting various tasks. Traffic control is one of the most important, if not the most crucial aspect of construction zone safety.

Drivers, workers as well as other pedestrians should be able to clearly read signs relating to the road construction zone and the public should be notified beforehand in order to adjust their driving and be prepared for any delays.

Traffic controllers must be appropriately trained to direct traffic. Knowing where to stand, how to stop traffic, how to coordinate traffic so that construction vehicles are accommodated are all part of a traffic controllers responsibilities. On either side of the road where traffic is being stopped or coordinated traffic controllers should be present. And where visual contact between controllers is not possible, two way radios will facilitate communication between the two in order for them to coordinate the traffic in a manner that does not cause confusion and worsen congestion.  Controllers should be provided with temporary traffic signals to control traffic where the site is suitable and where such signals are available.

Another important precaution workers should take is wearing appropriately visible PPE. Glow in dark type vests and other PPE that will make you visible to drivers, especially at night is also crucial because much of road construction is done at night. While specific training is important to enable workers to do their specific jobs, there is another type of training that is equally important for every construction worker – general construction safety training.

There are certain things the workers involved in any type of construction need to be familiar with, for example the hazards that construction work presents, the risk to workers and how to work safely on a construction site. That is why the state government has mandated that every person involved with construction work, on traditional building sites or road construction zones, must undergo general construction safety training.

This training takes the form of the White Card Course, a comprehensive and convenient course which can be completed online in one sitting or over a period of time. But the best part about the online White Card course is that it is nationally recognised and teaches workers about the most commonly occurring hazards in the construction sector, so that workers are forewarned and forearmed to face the challenges that construction work presents.

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