Tower Crane Collapse Kills 2

Working around tower cranes can be extremely risky when the proper precautions have not been taken by those undertaking the operation, this accident in Singapore is proof of that. Two workers died when a tower crane collapsed at a construction site in the city. Three other workers are lucky to be alive and were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

According to the health and safety officials in that country, the 2 deceased workers passed away on the scene and were pronounced dead by paramedics while the other 3 were rushed to hospital for treatment.

Construction crews use tower cranes to lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches and generators and a wide variety of other building materials. But as useful as the tower crane is, it can be just as dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken when undertaking work with these machines.

This particular incident took place when concrete slabs which were serving as a counterbalance on the back of the crane came loose and fell onto scaffolding, it is believed the crane was about to be used to lift building materials at the time.

This excerpt taken from an article on explains,

Concrete slabs on the rear of the crane, which serve as counterbalance, came loose at about 10.32am and fell on to scaffolding in the worksite, eyewitnesses said. The National Art Gallery is at the site of the former City Hall and across Coleman Street from St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Engineer Mr Kenneth, 40, told TODAY that the worker who died in the accident is a Thai national. Project manager Mr Gil, meanwhile, said that the crane was about to hoist construction materials when the concrete slabs fell, and he ran for cover just before when he heard a noise from above.

Both men did not want to be identified as their management is not speaking. The main contractor for the site is Takenaka.

The SCDF said they received a report of the incident at 11.33am.


Perhaps what is even more disturbing is that this was not the first incident to take place at this site. A previous crane incident almost turned into a disaster when it collapsed, narrowly missing passing cars. It is baffling why the site’s management did not address all crane issues when they got their first warning, but unfortunately too many in the industry are guilty of this type of behaviour-ignoring the signs, to their own detriment. The post goes on to explain,

The accident is not the first at the worksite near the Supreme Court. On July 25, a crawler crane tilted and its jib landed on Coleman Street, reportedly missing cars driving by.

Of that incident, the National Art Gallery said supervisors from the Takenaka-Singapore Piling Joint Venture took action to close off the street when they noticed the crane begin to dip and that there were “no injuries or damage to vehicles in the vicinity”.



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