Construction News: Bomb Threat Stops Work on Sydney Site

Safety of construction workers has once again come under the spotlight as a bomb threat stops work on a Barangaroo construction site in Sydney.

Apparently the bomb threat was communicated to the office of the Construction union, threatening the work site in Barangaroo.

The threat caused disruptions to the entire city and an adjacent large area of the city was also shut down during the scare. The following excerpt from an article on explains:

5543464-3x2-700x467Police and the developer Lend Lease were notified and the construction site was shut down at around 10:00am, with hundreds of workers evacuated.

At least six city blocks surrounding the area were cordoned off by police, causing traffic disruptions across the CBD.

Streets were reopened just after midday, and workers are now being allowed back into the site.

Police and the CFMEU are expected to make comment about the incident later today.

The site is currently under redevelopment and once finished will include a hotel complex and casino run by billionaire James Packer.


Police are apparently investigating the incident which caused such mass delays across the city, so we will have to wait to see how the investigation unfolds.

The incident comes at a time when the health and safety of construction workers has become a crucial aspect of operations for construction firms, influencing not only the day to day functions of construction sites but also affecting company productivity and profits. Delays such as this one caused by bomb threats and other evacuations can cost millions and cripple smaller construction firms.

Construction employers are therefore paying more and more attention to safety and hiring workers who already have some safety knowledge under their belts. Workers need to ensure that they are equipped mentally to handle work on a hazard ridden construction site and in order to do this they must be trained on general construction safety.

Some of the hazards presented by construction sites that require training in order to overcome include: scaffolding, work from heights, power tool use, heavy machinery and equipment use, trenches and excavations etc.

The Australian government has mandated that this training be completed by all workers entering the construction sector in the form of The White Card.

Every worker should be in possession of the White Card Training Course to certify that they are qualified to work on a site.  Each construction worker is ultimately responsible for his own safety but they also have a responsibility to ensure that they do not put the lives of their co-workers at risk.  Therefore no matter the task being undertaken, every construction worker should ensure that he is working safely and according to the safety they have received.

This training course can be undertaken online and once completed your White Card is mailed to you, so the hassle, effort and cost on your part is minimal.


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