Big Articulated Crane Collapses in Switzerland

A 50 ton capacity articulated crane has overturned on a work site in Switzerland while attempting a lift. The incident occurred when an outrigger on the crane buckled apparently because retaining welds for the bottom plate of the second section of the four stage outriggers gave wayand caused the crane to be tipped forward. The boom then slammed into a structure on the property.

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The crane, a large Effer, was lifting a load onto a private house in Lupfig near Arrau, when one of the machines massive outriggers buckled causing the whole machine to tip forward. The boom came down onto a single story garage like structure with a garden on top.

The crane operator has told local reporters that retaining welds for the bottom plate of the second section of the four stage outriggers gave way.  A photo we have received appears to confirm this version of what happens. What caused them to give way or fracture has not been determined yet. No one was hurt in the incident.



Avoiding Crane Accidents

Ensuring cranes are regularly and appropriately inspected and maintained is vital to avoiding incidents. In order for any piece of heavy equipment to function properly, it must be maintained, repaired, and inspected by qualified technicians on consistent basis. Missing maintenance tasks to save time or money is one reason cranes become unstable or perform poorly, leading to worker accidents on construction sites.

Another aspect vital to Crane Safety is Signalling Personnel. Signal personnel should be on hand and alert at all times in order to protect other workers on the ground as well as the crane operator. Signal personnel should be present to warn both workers and operators as to potential hazards on a busy construction site.

Ensuring all workers are adequately trained and supervised is vital. Crane operators need to be appropriately trained and certified for the work they undertake. Enforcing proper safety practices and awareness of safety in the workplace, especially in the construction site, lowers the chances of having accidents in the workplace. It is also important to have regular safety drills in order to keep employees aware of what to do when a crane accident happens.Also all personnel involved with or in the vicinity of the lift must be adequately trained in lifting operations. Everyone involved in maintaining, repairing, and assembling the crane should have received the necessary training and be competent to perform these tasks.

Establish a crane safety plan for each lift because the conditions and situation will most probably be different every time. Assign responsibility to ensure the safety plan is followed. Ensure that the crane has the correct capacity for the job and that equipment has been rigorously maintained and inspected according to manufacturers’ specifications.

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