Construction Incident: Yet another Crane Collapse

Yet another crane collapse has occurred in The USA. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident which happened when a crane operator attempted to move 3 pieces of steel. The crane apparently became unbalance and caused the crane to collapse onto the skeleton of the building. 30 workers were on the site that could have been injured but thankfully were not.

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Raleigh, N.C. — No one was injured Friday morning when a crane collapsed at an office building construction site, authorities said.

The incident occurred at 8317 Six Forks Road shortly after 10 a.m., authorities said. The building will house the offices of Genworth Mortgage Insurance Co., authorities said.

A crane operator was moving three pieces of steel onto the six-story building when the crane, which is owned by Roanoke Valley Steel, became unbalanced and failed, collapsing into the skeleton of the building, authorities said.

“I heard (a noise) like a cat being squeezed – just screeching and crying – and I looked out the window and (the crane) had fallen over,” witness Steven Dieckhause said. “It started crumpling straight down. All the wires started crumbling around and everything. I thought one of those was going to kill somebody.”

About 30 workers were at the building site when the crane collapsed, but none were injured.

“Everyone here is very fortunate,” Raleigh Fire Department Battalion Chief Jerry Pace said. “It’s an early Christmas present.”


Cranes are invaluable to construction work, highrise construction in particular but they can be a destructive force on construction sites. There are some common practices that are not only foolish but extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Overloading is one of the most dangerous activities that can result in a load’s collapse.  Always follow the manufacturer’s specifications when loading and off-loading the crane. This is the most dangerous activity that overhead cranes are involved in. At times the cranemay be able to withstand the load while the building it is attached to may not be. The building that an overhead crane is attached to may collapse with the weight of the excessive load.

Side pulling is another dangerous activity because hoists and cranes are designed to lift straight up and lower straight down only not sideways.Side pulling causes a number of dangerous conditions which can result in accidents and serious injuries.

Another important consideration is that no workers be allowed to stand underneath a load being lifted. Standing under a load has the potential to crush the skull and cause irreparable damage. And crane operators should never attempt to lift a load over workers.

A daily inspection should be carried out before beginning work with cranes to ensure that it is working properly. Cranes should also be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure it operates without any hitches. This inspection doesn’t require a maintenance person, just a commonsense check list.



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