Pay Attention to Noise Pollution

hearing ppeHearing awareness especially on the construction site is an important issue that needs to be monitored because our hearing is fragile.

Last month between 21-27 August was Hearing Awareness Week and the aim of the week was to raise awareness of how valuable our hearing is and what needs to be done to protect ourselves and others from noise injuries.

One in six Australians suffers from hearing loss.

Here are some of the ways we can control the risks of noise exposure,

It’s important to follow the hierarchy of control to manage noise, especially on rowdy construction sites.

  1. Eliminate the source of the noise
  2. Invest in less noisy machinery and tools
  3. Use engineering controls to isolate the noise at the source or transmission path
  4. Introduce administrative noise control measures
  5. Provide personal  protective equipment (PPE) to workers to protect their hearing.

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