Another Mumbai Construction Accident

Another construction incident has occurred in Mumbai killing 3 workers and injuring an additional 6. The accident was caused by a concrete block which collapsed during the construction of a cantilever bridge last week. It is the second serious accident on a construction site in Mumbai in the last six months.

The project involved the construction of an elevated access road to a new terminal at the airport. According to reports the crane operator, site supervisor and a foreman have been charged for negligence.

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Larsen & Toubro Ltd., the Mumbai-listed contractor building an elevated access road to a new terminal at the airport, said it is investigating the incident to determine the cause of the collapse.

Two of the people wounded had minor injuries and were discharged after first-aid, the company said. Others have relatively serious injuries and are still being treated at local hospitals, it added.

Police have filed a case against a crane operator, the construction site’s supervisor and a foreman for causing death due to negligence, Senior Inspector Jaiprakash Nagappa Giram said.

The accident is the second such incident in Mumbai in the past six months.

A part of an under-construction bridge at the city’s first metro rail line had collapsed in the suburb of Andheri in early September. At least one person was killed in that accident.


Builders need to guard against structural collapses of walls and buildings especially in light of the recent bad weather conditions we’ve been experiencing.

Strong winds and heavy rains in particular can be detrimental to structures under construction, which is why these structures need to adequately supported.

Walls must be adequately braced until work is completed and roofing or other building material that could be picked up by the wind must also be secured. These types of collapses can be dangerous not only to the workers involved by also to passers-by and the public in the vicinity. Aside from the danger these incidents present to workers health and safety, they also have the potential to set a construction project back and cost thousands if not millions of dollars.

Employers should check the stability of structures at each stage of the construction. Installing lateral supports can help the wall or building remain sturdy during construction.

On the occasion of temporary bracing being used to reinforce a structure, it must be securely anchored and the manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed when it is being installed.

A qualified and competent engineer should provide specifications to ensure that the structure is stable and construction workers should stick to this precisely, at the end of each day and at the beginning of a new phase of erection.

Although adverse weather conditions do present some inconvenience for workers, it need not result in accidents. Builders that are prepared and put safety first can avoid the injury caused by structural collapses and bad weather.



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