Worker Killed and Another Injured in Construction Accident

A tragic construction accident has left a family in mourning and a workforce in shock after a worker was killed and another 2 injured on a site in Massachusetts. The 3 workers involved in the incident were pinned under 2 modular trailers being used as temporary office space as a building was being renovated.

Investigations are underway as to what exactly caused the accident or what the workers were doing in relation to the modular trailers but reports say that once the workers became trapped, one was able to break free and sustained only minor injuries, the other 2 weren’t as lucky.

A second worker was freed by the emergency services personnel who had to utilize a large crane to help them free the worker. He was taken to hospital with injuries described as “non-life threatening”. The third worker was however not so fortunate and didn’t manage to escape with his life

Read what an article on Massachusetts website, reported on the tragedy:

12594737-mmmainHampshire County DA Michael E. Sullivan speaks with the media at the construction accident at the Massachusetts DOT office where a worker was killed and another injured after becoming pinned between the office trailers being installed in the background.

According to emergency personnel on the scene, the trailers are each 50 feet long and about 10 feet wide. They are arranged side by side behind the main building on the property.

Officials from the Chief Office of the Medical Examiner arrived on the scene and took the body away, as the investigation into the accident is ramping up.

According to Sullivan, the situation is being probed by his office, local police, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the state Department of Industrial Accidents.

More than 50 first responders from various departments and agencies responded to the incident, which was mostly cleared after more than three hours.


Although this incident occurred on the other side of the world, construction workers in Oz can sympathize with what happened and hopefully learn a lesson in caution from the accident.

The latest WorkSafe figures revealed that Aussies construction workers are also under threat with around 10 workers being injured every day on a worksite somewhere in Oz.

Tradie injury claims have cost almost $1 billion during the past five years, according to the new WorkSafe figures recently released. And although most of the injuries are not fatal, they are painful, inconvenient and costly.

According to the unions, WorkSafe needs to do more to educate people about safety on a work site and get more inspectors out to sites to enforce the law. While WorkSafe has blamed employers for bad planning and a lack of adequate supervision as the cause of most workplace injuries especially on construction sites, it is also feared that employers are pushing workers to improve productivity rates at the expense of safety.




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