Revisiting Sling Load Safety

When lifting there are a number of aspects to consider. Workers involved in lifting should be trained on how to do so correctly and safely.

Workers on site should never stand under a suspended load, even workers involved in the lifting. Workers should never ride on top of the load being lifted. Workers should also be careful about where they stand in relation to a load when lifting is occurring because the load may slip or fall and hit into them. It is also important that workers never stand with their backs to the load.

Workers engaged in the lifting must lift vertically to avoid the load swinging horizontally when lifting off the ground and never use the equipment to drag the goods.

Experts also say the load should be positioned in such a way that it makes removal of the lifting equipment easy so that force is not needed. Another important consideration is calculating the sling load correctly. It is often overlooked that as the lifting angle grows the pressure increases and must be managed accordingly.

Watch this video which explains the importance of correctly calculating a sling load and how to do so,

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