Heat Stress Warning for WA Issued


Source: www.dpchallenge.com

Summer is in full swing and as we return to work, employers and workers have been warned to guard against the effects of the high temperatures.

WorkSafe WA is leading the call for safety in the summer months with its Commissioner Lex McCulloch reminding employers and workers of the need to take extra care to avoid heat stress and heat stroke.

McCulloch said those working in heatwave conditions, both indoors and outdoors are at risk of heat stress and in extreme cases, heat stroke which can prove fatal.

Employers have a responsibility under workplace safety laws to provide a working environment in which workers aren’t exposed to hazards and this includes protecting them from the effects of extreme heat exposure.



Go to http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/02/worksafe-wa-issues-heat-stress-warning/#.VreHdPl97IU for more.


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