Industry Insiders Concerned About Recycling Construction Waste

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Source: Yahoo News

Industry insiders are concered that government is so hellbent on recycling construction waste that they are failing recognise the risk they are putting people at by exposing them to asbestos in recycled waste.

Perth contractors have collected huge piles of recycled construction waste which they cannot get rid of because there is no market for it.

They are caught between a rock and a hardplace because the government has increased fees for landfills 500 per cent in 2 years, making it impossible for contractors to dump the waste.

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Reviewing Your Sites Safety

WorkSafe is encouraging us to review our workplace safety with this helpful video. By identifying areas that need attention, looking into safety resources and implementing improvements in the workplace, we can all enjoy a safer working environment.


Improving Work Safety in the Most Dangerous Sectors

5543464-3x2-700x467Construction has been identified by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland as one of the 7 industries requiring immediate attention to improve safety.

Greater safety efforts are needed in the civil construction and construction trades industries if we are to see workplace injuries overall going down in the state.

The construction industry is responsible for a significant number of workplace compensation claims and authorities are urging immediate action to keep workers in this industry safe, as they deserve to be.

We need to look at the areas where injuries are happening and address them, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland said.

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Workers Killed on Perth Site Leave Behind Distraught Families in Ireland

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Gerard Bradley killed on Wednesday at a Perth site. Source:

The family of construction worker Gerard Bradley who was killed on a Perth construction site last week have told Belfast media that his death would leave a void in their lives.

The family are battling to come to terms with the sudden death of Gerard, who was killed alongside Joe McDermott a fellow Irishman on Wednesday.

Both men were crushed by a falling concrete slab being lifted by a crane.



Irish Immigrants Killed on East Perth Construction Site

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Gerard Bradley, killed by a falling concrete slab. Source:

Joseph McDermott of Omagh, County Tyrone, and Gerard Bradley from near Macosquin, County Londonderry, were 2 of the construction workers killed in Perth in the last week but there were also 3 other Irish people who died in the state.

According to the charity that returns the bodies of deceased people home for burial abroad, there were a total of 5 Irish people who died in WA in the past week.

The deaths of the 2 construction workers have shocked not only their colleagues and friends on the work site but the entire construction industry.

Reports say the men were crushed by a concrete slab that fell from a crane.



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