Construction Workers March for Crane Safety Awareness

(Photo: Suwit Ritjaroon /

Last week saw about 800 construction workers rally at a Perth children’s hospital, the site of a near fatal crane incident. Workers who are frustrated at the relaxed attitude towards their safety on building sites across Perth had enough and decided to make their voices heard in the form of a protest.

According to the CFMEU workers were tired of companies jeopardising their safety. The latest incident occurred when a terminal fitting of a tower crane gave in and caused 50 meters of crane rope and 2 tonnes of crane block to drop to the ground below. Workers below barely escaped as the block missed them narrowly.

According to the CFMEU, John Holland had gone back on an agreement to obtain an independent engineer’s report into the incident as well as a report on another crane operating on the site. The company then refused to provide the information to the CFMEU’s safety officer.

Workers are upset about this and that the company is now directing all queries about the incident to its industrial relations department even though it is a health and safety matter.

To add fuel to the fire workers had reported issues with the cranes for over month which were ignored by the company. The crane involved was allegedly regularly breaking down and having problems with its winch before the incident occurred but still no investigation of the equipment was undertaken by the company.

This incident is an example of what happens when companies ignore workers complaints and when safety takes a back seat to productivity on construction sites.

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