Worker Heard Crane Collapse in NYC Crane Incident

A crane incident in New York is the latest of crane collapses worldwide. This time 7 workers were injured, 3 of them from being trapped under the metal of the crane.

The scene of the incident was a chaotic one, as construction site incidents usually are, with workers scrambling to get to safety while warning others to do the same. The trapped workers suffered broken bones and other serious injuries which resulted in them being hospitalised and the structure which the crane collapsed on underwent massive damages.

Cranes have been a topic of contention in New York’s construction industry recently as well, with a number of other crane incidents causing damage and injury to workers. Obviously crane safety is a contentious issue that needs attention not only in New York but in Oz as well.

Watch what workers at the scene had to say:


Because crane operation is such a dangerous and complex task, operators must be trained, experienced and certified. Caution and extreme care should always be exercised not only by the operator but by all workers in the vicinity that may be affected by the cranes operation.




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