Video demonstrates how Crane Accidents Happen

The reason why cranes can lift such heavy loads without toppling over is because tower cranes use counterweights or the weight of the crane itself to balance the load, mobile cranes are designed so that their base s larger moving the pivot point to increase the mechanical advantage of the crane’s weight.

Unfortunately sometimes despite the best design crane accidents still occur where the crane topples over. This dramatic video shows just how dangerous it can be to operate cranes near excavations. The crane being used to lift a bulldozer falls into a hole, presumably due to being overloaded.

What would you do?


The incident with the 35 tonne crane in the video above took place in Russia but in Australia, any operator of a crane needs to be in possession of a High Risk Licence. I wonder whether the operator in the video above was properly trained, certified and experienced, however judging from the video, I doubt it.

PS.  You can buy PPE online here.


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