Alcohol and Drug Tests For Construction Sites



Eric Abetz’s changes to the building code make alcohol and drug testing for construction workers a reality.

The amendments to the building code are meant to improve health and safety on construction sites, with alcohol and drug abuse being identified as a significant problem among construction workers. Abetz points out that given the high risk nature of construction work, having workers intoxicated by drugs and alcohol is extremely hazardous.

In response to the amendments, the CFMEU has called on the federal government to increase funding for construction workers’ rehabilitation.

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2 Men Assaulted a Construction Worker before Blaze Erupted at Melbourne Pub

melbourne fire


As a fire erupted in Melbourne at a pub in the south, a construction worker was assaulted by 2 men at the site.

Police are treating the fire as suspicious and an arson chemist will be brought in to investigate.

A construction worker who arrived at the site is suspected to have disrupted the criminals who then assaulted the man. They were wearing balaclavas at the time. Shortly afterwards the fire broke out.



Safe Towns campaign targets Moe region With Over 100 Inspections Planned


From 17-21 August, WorkSafe Victoria will be conducting the Safe Towns campaign throughout the Moe, Newborough and Trafalgar area.

More than 100 workplace safety inspections have been planned as part of the Safe Towns campaign.

The is area is one of concern for WorkSafe, as 400 injuries were recorded within the last 5 years. These injuries cost more than $12 million in treatment and rehabilitation.

Inspectors will be prioritising hazardous and high risk workplaces. Click here for more.


Mount Waverley Crumbling Site Puts Victorian Building Surveyors in Hot Water

mount waverley


The sordid past of Victorian building surveyors has been brought to the forefront following crumbling of the Mount Waverley construction site (pictured above).

According to a post on, major failings have been exposed in Victoria’s building surveying industry. It appears that home owners have been left exposed to work that does not meet the most basic safety standards.

Since 2009, Victoria’s building surveyors have been found guilty over more than 700 misconduct claims. For more click here.


Illegal Dumping in Lake Macquarie and the Lower Hunter under Investigation

illegal dumping


The Hunter’s Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) squad is investigating 2 truckloads of illegally disposed of waste  in Lake Macquarie and the Lower Hunter.

Companies are being warned that illegal dumping can result in fines of up to $1 million.

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