Industry Insiders Concerned About Recycling Construction Waste

demolition 1

Source: Yahoo News

Industry insiders are concered that government is so hellbent on recycling construction waste that they are failing recognise the risk they are putting people at by exposing them to asbestos in recycled waste.

Perth contractors have collected huge piles of recycled construction waste which they cannot get rid of because there is no market for it.

They are caught between a rock and a hardplace because the government has increased fees for landfills 500 per cent in 2 years, making it impossible for contractors to dump the waste.

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Ingenius Idea to Turn Earthquake Rubble into Building Materials

emergency home


An architect has found a way to build homes of those displaced by the recent Nepal earthquake, using the rubble from the buildings destroyed in the event to build new permanent dwellings (like in the picture above).

The Japanese architect Shigeru Ban spends alot of his time helping in disaster ridden areas and his latest projects are in Nepal.

The genious architect specialises in inexpensive, lightweight shelters made from paper. Ban has come up with a building technique using cardboard tubes as structural supports that last for a long time.

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