Man Wields Gun on Construction Site


A man has appeared in Southport Magistrates Court after allegedly threatening a security guard on a construction site with a gun.

The Gold Coast plasterer threatened the guard with a gun to gain access to a construction site.

The man was attempting to enter a Mudgeeraba worksite on Sunday, where he apparently worked, he had left a tool there and he needed it for work.

The man claimed the gun was a replica which he wanted to sell to the security guard. The  man was remanded in custody and the matter adjourned until Thursday.



What Land Sales Indicate about Residential Construction Cycle

25-1322134-MY2310BT[1]_fct1023x630x1x50_t620Data from HIA and CoreLogic RP recently released in their Residential Land Report, showed a strong increase in vacant residential land sales.

According to the report, the pace of increase in prices eased during the June quarter this year.

This comes after the sharp price increases and declinings sales volumes, showing a typical demand-supply imbalance, which has been escalating since late 2013.

Land sales activity is a relatively good indication of the prospects for detached house building activity and good news for the construction industry.



Homes Affected by Mount Waverley Collapse Still Uninhabitable

mount waverley


The 2 townhouses that were left teetering on the edge of the 15 metre deep pit after the construction site collapsed in Mount Waverley in Melbourne’s east are still uninhabitable.

Despite  3 months passing since the construction site collapsed, a family of 4 and a commune of students who were evacuated from their homes are still not able to move back in.

The site has been filled but a report by the City of Monash council found one of the units was still not safe to enter and some of the house had to be knocked down.



South Australian Housing Approval Down

brickguardsmissing1Construction activity in South Australia has shown a slight decline, despite still being higher than other states.

Building approvals rose almost 30 per cent in August, which was the highest increase of any Australian state.

According to the latest statistics from The Australian Bureau of Statistics, building activity in SA was indicative of a falling national trend.

South Australia recorded $349.5m of residential building works which brought the total value of works for the year to more than $2.9 billion.



2 Men Assaulted a Construction Worker before Blaze Erupted at Melbourne Pub

melbourne fire


As a fire erupted in Melbourne at a pub in the south, a construction worker was assaulted by 2 men at the site.

Police are treating the fire as suspicious and an arson chemist will be brought in to investigate.

A construction worker who arrived at the site is suspected to have disrupted the criminals who then assaulted the man. They were wearing balaclavas at the time. Shortly afterwards the fire broke out.



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