London Investigates Wind Tunnels caused by Skyscraper



The City of London Corporation is investigating the wind caused by the architecture and design of a new skyscraper.

There have been claims from the public, that the skyscraper created a wind tunnel down one of the cities busiest thoroughfare.

The skyscraper is 180 metres high and has blown over workers due to the strong gusts of wind created by the vortex effect caused by the tall building.

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Watch as Construction Site Burns

There are a number of hazards on the average construction site that can result in a fire, which is why fire response and evacuation procedures need to be developed before work on site even begins.

The construction site fire in this video was set on purpose but a number of possible ignition sources on construction sites means it can occur at any time and people’s lives are put at risk. It can also set work drastically, costing millions. Watch the fire below…



Mornington Peninsula to Get New Skylifts



New skylifts for the Mornington Peninsula have just been approved. Construction on the $16m sky-lift for Arthurs Seat was recently approved and will probably begin soon.

The new tourist attraction will create jobs for people in Victoria and will boost tourism, according to Environment, Climate Change and Water Minister Lisa Neville.

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