Industry Insiders Concerned About Recycling Construction Waste

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Source: Yahoo News

Industry insiders are concered that government is so hellbent on recycling construction waste that they are failing recognise the risk they are putting people at by exposing them to asbestos in recycled waste.

Perth contractors have collected huge piles of recycled construction waste which they cannot get rid of because there is no market for it.

They are caught between a rock and a hardplace because the government has increased fees for landfills 500 per cent in 2 years, making it impossible for contractors to dump the waste.

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School Built from 5000 Plastic Cola Bottles



Look closely at the walls of the classroom above. Can you spot what makes them unique? Instead of the traditional bricks, these walls are composed of used plastic cola bottles filled with concrete, soil and water.



The new construction material is not only cheap and readily available, but it is also apparently durable – being able to withstand earthquakes and heavy storms.

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Concrete Block Making from Recycled Construction Waste

In developing countries, where construction materials are expensive and scarce, innovative people are taking construction waste and doing something ingenious – recycling  it into concrete blocks for construction. Watch this video that shows how they’re doing it.



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