WorkCover SA Claims Productivity Lost Last Year Equals 1500 Years

WorkCover South Australia has released statistics which show that the total number of working days that were lost in the financial year 2011-2012 was more than 560,000 days. This shocking statistic was revealed by an article on which also explained that the cost of claims over that period of time ran in the 2 hundred millions.

The article on explains:

workcoversa_logoIn addition to the days that were lost in South Australia there were 26,523 claims recorded for the same financial year for a cost of almost $208 million to the SA Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme. The average cost per claim was approximately $7800.

Greg McCarthy, the WorkCover SA CEO, said that reducing the cost of workers compensation was in the best interest of everyone in the state.

He said that when employers focus on the prevention of injury and support those that are injured to return to work quickly and safely will be able to reduce the days lost and therefore the cost.

The community sector recorded the highest number of claims at almost a quarter of the total claims which was more than double the claims in the construction industry.


WorkCover SA CEO, Greg McCarthy has suggested reducing the cost of workers compensations, with the average claim being around $7800 but the obvious solution would be to reduce the number of compensations needed by reducing the number of serious injuries. The only way to do this would be to prioritise safety within the most problematic of SA’s industries, particularly the construction industry.

The construction industry has the highest injury and death rate across the country and the issue of safety is one that should be addressed by every employer and contractor. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that workers are provided with a safe working environment and safe system of work.

The first step in maintaining a safe site is ensuring that the workers you employ are in possession of a White Card (construction safety induction training), this is the basic construction site safety training that is mandatory for every construction worker.

Employers must also ensure that employees are aware of the hazards and control measures implemented to deal with these hazards. In order to accomplish this, workers also need to undergo additional safety training in the form of Site specific training.

Both site specific and general construction induction training is required for every worker. The good news is that workers can now obtain their general construction site training (White Card) online, which makes it both easy and convenient. It can be done from the privacy of your home or office and is valid nationally. This is a pre requisite to entrance as a worker on any construction site in Oz.

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