Union Finds Teen Death on Work Site was Avoidable

site crash

The Adelaide construction site where a 17 year old worker was killed when a timber frame fell onto him has been described as having an “appalling lack of basic safety”.

Workers on the site were apparently working without even hard hats. There was no site manager, no first aid facilities, no amenities and no safety officer.

The young worker died after a wall collapsed and a timber frame fell onto him. He was rushed to hospital with critical head injuries but died shortly afterwards.

It’s important that those in control of the site are meeting their safety obligations and providing workers with the necessary safe system of work and work environment as is required by work health and safety regulation.

All workers should be properly trained in safety,beginning with mandatory white card training.

Read more at: https://sourceable.net/sa-teen-building-death-preventable-cfmeu/


Alcohol and Drug Tests For Construction Sites


Source: www.storypick.com

Eric Abetz’s changes to the building code make alcohol and drug testing for construction workers a reality.

The amendments to the building code are meant to improve health and safety on construction sites, with alcohol and drug abuse being identified as a significant problem among construction workers. Abetz points out that given the high risk nature of construction work, having workers intoxicated by drugs and alcohol is extremely hazardous.

In response to the amendments, the CFMEU has called on the federal government to increase funding for construction workers’ rehabilitation.

Read more at: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/new-drug-and-alcohol-tests-for-building-sites-may-be-eric-abetzs-swansong-20150918-gjq0hy.html


Another ACT Builder Admits Blackmail by CFMEU Official


Source: www.cfmeuvic.com.au

A former CFMEU official has pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of blackmail arising from allegations made during the Royal Commission hearings, with the latest allegations involving a Canberra builder who apparently paid off the official for peace on his work site.

The builder claims he was forced to pay $30,000 to the wife of the CFMEU official to avoid stop work orders being issued on his work site.

The builder says he paid the money because he was afraid of getting on the bad side of the union.  Read the full story here.


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