Another Fall from a Roof

roof plumb


Another workplace accident has taken place, this time at a work site in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

A man in his twenties was seriously injured on Wednesday morning after sustaining a fall from the roof of a 2 storey building.

The young worker was on the roof at the time of the incident.

Emergency services personnel arrived at the scene at 11:00am and the man was stabilised at the scene before being rushed to hospital in Kogarah in a critical condition. He had sustained serious injuries to his head and chest.

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Could Too Much Attention be given to Safety?

safety meetingIn our efforts to prioritise safety we commonly stress the topic so hard that workers become somewhat complacent to these safety discussions.

Alot of people end up dimissing the safety part of the meeting because they don’t see it as having much to do with productivity.

This problem was recently discussed in a blog SafetyatWorkBlog and ways to combat this obstacle to promoting a safe work culture was also covered.




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