Man Wields Gun on Construction Site


A man has appeared in Southport Magistrates Court after allegedly threatening a security guard on a construction site with a gun.

The Gold Coast plasterer threatened the guard with a gun to gain access to a construction site.

The man was attempting to enter a Mudgeeraba worksite on Sunday, where he apparently worked, he had left a tool there and he needed it for work.

The man claimed the gun was a replica which he wanted to sell to the security guard. The  man was remanded in custody and the matter adjourned until Thursday.



Cross Border Construction Program to Last Another 3 Years

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The Cross Border Construction program run by WorkSafe Victoria and SafeWork NSW has been extended following a successful 3 years, benefiting workers on both sides of the border.

The program started in June 2013 resulted in 419 construction sites being visited by inspectors from NSW and Victoria.

Inspectors enlightened workers and employers about their obligations and revealed to them the similarities between work in the 2 states.

The outcome of the program was that it improved safety and will now focus on young workers.


The program’s next phase will begin on Monday, 29 August, in the Mulwala/Yarrawong, Cobram/Barooga regions.



WA Government Recycling Scheme Raises Eyebrows

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A push to recycle construction waste has created an asbestos hazard which has industry insiders concerned about the safety of workers on government projects.

The state government recently offered a $10million incentive for local governments to use recycled construction and demolition materials in civil projects such as roads, car parks and drains.

State government promoted the practice which it said was preferable to having the waste buried in landfills however industry insiders say given that asbestos was so popular in older buildings, there is no guarantee that there is no asbestos in the recycled products.


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Queensland Calls for Stricter Asbestos Imports Controls


The state of Queensland is calling on the Commonwealth and stakeholders to implement sticter controls over the importation of asbestos-containing buildings materials into Australia.

The CFMEU recently detected deadly asbestos fibres on one of the biggest construction sites in Brisbane, prompting the Industrial Relations Minister to raise concerns.

Asbestos has been banned for import since 2003, yet building materials containing asbestos are still making their way onto Australian construction sites, putting workers and the Australian public at risk.



Docklands Apartment Fire Investigation Leads to More Retribution


Following the official investigation into the Lacrosse Apartment fire in Melbourne, a further 2 building practitioners have been recommended for disciplinary action.

The incident which took place 2 years ago in Melbourne’s Docklands district, resulted in a fire which spread from the sixth floor of the building to the 21st floor.

The rate at which the fire spread was blamed on non-compliant, flammable aluminium cladding which had been used on the exterior of the building.

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