Research Shows Most Tradspeople Haven’t Seen an Asbestos Register Before


Research from the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) has revealed that alot of tradies have never even seen an asbestos register, despite rating their knowledge of asbestos highly.

In fact according to the study, only 60 per cent even knew what an asbestos register was.

The review formed part of Safe Work Month to facilitate better asbestos register practice.



Industry Insiders Concerned About Recycling Construction Waste

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Source: Yahoo News

Industry insiders are concered that government is so hellbent on recycling construction waste that they are failing recognise the risk they are putting people at by exposing them to asbestos in recycled waste.

Perth contractors have collected huge piles of recycled construction waste which they cannot get rid of because there is no market for it.

They are caught between a rock and a hardplace because the government has increased fees for landfills 500 per cent in 2 years, making it impossible for contractors to dump the waste.

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WA Government Recycling Scheme Raises Eyebrows

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A push to recycle construction waste has created an asbestos hazard which has industry insiders concerned about the safety of workers on government projects.

The state government recently offered a $10million incentive for local governments to use recycled construction and demolition materials in civil projects such as roads, car parks and drains.

State government promoted the practice which it said was preferable to having the waste buried in landfills however industry insiders say given that asbestos was so popular in older buildings, there is no guarantee that there is no asbestos in the recycled products.


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Queensland Calls for Stricter Asbestos Imports Controls


The state of Queensland is calling on the Commonwealth and stakeholders to implement sticter controls over the importation of asbestos-containing buildings materials into Australia.

The CFMEU recently detected deadly asbestos fibres on one of the biggest construction sites in Brisbane, prompting the Industrial Relations Minister to raise concerns.

Asbestos has been banned for import since 2003, yet building materials containing asbestos are still making their way onto Australian construction sites, putting workers and the Australian public at risk.



Australian Work Exposure Study Evaluates Workers Likeliness of Carcinogen Exposure

Source : Francisco Javier Argel

The Safe Work Australia, ‘Australian Work Exposure Study (AWES) has recently been released – the report looks into the carcinogen exposure of workers.

The study evaluates workers’ likelihood of potential exposure to 38 known or suspected carcinogens, commonly used in the Australian workplace.

Carcinogens are cancer causing substances such as diesel engine exhaust and silica dust but the more common one to construction workers is asbestos.

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