Survey Shows Construction Zone Driving Accidents Growing in USA

A recent survey published by Associated General Contractors of America highlighted that road construction zone driving accidents were at an all-time high in the United States. In Oz we may not have as high accident rate as they do in the United States, but we can also learn a lesson of caution from what is going on in that country.

The revelation that road construction accidents was on the up in the States was highlighted by an accident that took place in Hillsboro, North Dakota involving a Minneapolis man who was killed in a rollover accident in a construction zone one evening recently. According to eye witness reports the driver was driving recklessly at the time and attempted to overtake a tractor trailer in the construction zone on the shoulder of the road when he lost control. The following report on the accident appeared on

Witnesses reported seeing the driver passing on the shoulder at high speeds when he lost control while passing a tractor-trailer.

North Dakota State Highway Patrol Sgt. Greg Smith said the crash happened about 7:42 p.m. Monday about 4 miles north of Hillsboro. Hillsboro is about 40 miles north of Fargo.

Smith said the victim was headed south in his black 2007 Chevrolet HHR in a section of I-29 that had been restricted to one lane because of construction.

After losing control, the car rolled several times. The driver was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene.


This is the worst type of accident which can occur due to reckless driving around road construction zones because it resulted in a fatality.

According to the survey published earlier this month American drivers are failing to take appropriate caution when approaching road construction zones. The survey took into consideration the responses of over 400 contractors who engage in road construction across The United States.

The survey surprisingly revealed that 45 per cent of the contractors had experienced at least one crash involving a motor vehicle within a work zone in which they operated. Sixty-nine per cent of these experienced multiple crashes and more than a quarter said five or more crashes occurred.

The survey also revealed that vehicle drivers and occupants were more likely to be killed or injured than construction workers in these accidents, so educating the public is also an important consideration.

Contractors also claimed that accidents caused by drivers around work zones contributed to delays due to shutdowns in the work site. Almost half of these delays lasted at least 2 days or more.

The implementation of stricter laws and penalties for non-compliance as well as an increase in the use of concrete barriers has been suggested by contractors involved in the survey. They also suggested more frequent training as a solution.

Tom Case, chair of ACG’s national highway and transportation division and senior vice president of Watsonville, California based Granite Construction cited the importance of drivers slowing down. He was quoted by an article on

 “There is little margin for error when you work within a few inches of thousands of fast-moving vehicles,” he said. “As the data makes clear, not enough drivers are slowing down and staying alert near work sites.”

“Ensuring proper work zone safety starts and ends with cautious drivers.”

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