Staying Abreast with PPE Advancements

According to a report on construction website a new advancement in the world of personal protective equipment (PPE) has been made which may be of benefit to those in the construction industry.

The development has been described as the world’s lightest site safety glasses and has been developed and recently launched by JSP.

PPE are particularly important on worksites like construction sites because of the variety of hazards that are present and the risk they pose to workers, which if not removed, controlled by some other means or substituted with a less risky method of work, need to be minimised. One of the ways the risks associated with these hazards are minimised is using PPE.

Safety glasses are one of the ways that risks to worker’s eyes can be minimised and the new light weight glasses are useful because they give workers less of an excuse not to wear them. Many workers fail to utilise PPE because they find it uncomfortable or a hindrance to work, but the more comfortable and easy to use equipment is made, the more likely workers are to make use of them.

The following excerpt from the article on explains more about the development:

STEALTH-16g-1-190x127The new Stealth spectacles weigh just 16g and JSP said they are so light “that most workers will not even know they are wearing them.”

The Stealth glasses comply with all safety standards.

JSP said: “Many companies’ mandatory eye protection policies state that employees must wear their safety eyewear at all times during the working day.

“In these cases, the lighter the eyewear, the more it ensures day-long comfort and encourages compliance.

“Super-light eyewear such as the Stealth 16g gives substantial benefit to workers in industries such as construction.”


Although personal protective equipment is the last line of defence against construction hazards, they are still compulsory and can mean the difference between a minor injury and a fatality. In the case of safety glasses they can save a worker’s eyesight or their entire eye in some instances which threaten it such as work with blow torches or other tools.

How white card can help

Training is one of the most vital steps in a site’s safety plan. Ensuring that workers have received all the necessary training is an important part of maintaining a safe site, that includes site specific and white card training.

When it comes to PPE, very often they prove useless if utilised incorrectly which is why training is so important. Workers should not just be provided with PPE and left without training on how to correctly use them.

White Card training provides workers with basic construction safety training which teaches them about the general hazards associated with construction work. It is a mandatory for all workers, in addition to any other site specific and task specific training that the employee may undergo. The white card course also teaches them their responsibilities such as their duty of care to utilise PPE as and when instructed to do so by their employer. It also teaches workers about what the duties of the employer are, including the provision of properly working, adequate PPE for the job as well as PPE training.

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