Princes Highway Bypass Upgrade Begins – Good News for Tradespeople and Motorists

The commencement of work on the Princes Highway Bypass is welcomed news. Both tradespeople and motorists in the area are pleased that the project is finally beginning.

The upgrade means that trucks will be diverted off the main street and around the town, which both businesses and individuals in the area are breathing a sigh of relief about.

The following excerpt from an article on explains further:

1421906940788The town of Berry in the state’s south is breathing a sigh of relief after the NSW government announced it would begin building a long-awaited Princes Highway bypass.


The $580 million upgrade of 11 kilometres of highway will mean trucks that have ploughed through Berry’s main street for decades will be diverted around the town.



Businesses and locals expressed relief that construction had started on Thursday.




A manager of the Berry village boutique hotel, Samantha Gothard was quoted in the article explaining how the upgrade would have a significant positive impact on members of the community including the elderly. She explained:

“Elderly locals travel to Nowra to shop because they are too frightened to cross the road,”




She also explained that the town was not afraid of a loss of business as a result of the bypass and the loss of passing traffic. She went on to state:

“People who want to come to Berry will come to Berry and we have enough already without waiting an hour in traffic.”




Premier Mike Baird said the bypass was a significant transport infrastructure investment in the NSW south coast. Local tradespeople are going to particularly benefit from the construction. Around 400 new construction jobs are expected to be created by the project from now until its completion in 2018. Mr Baird also stated:

“This upgrade is great news for motorists who use this road and also for local tradespeople, as the project will create about 400 construction jobs.”



Let’s make sure that all these people are qualified to undertake this work by first completing White Card training!

A number of infrastructure projects taking place in NSW have resulted in a boost in the economy of the state but also had a positive impact on local employment figures. In particular the construction industry is benefiting from the activity with workers being employed by numerous government funded infrastructure projects around NSW.

The increase in large infrastructure projects such as highways, the airport, the university and the hospital are all contributing to growth in the sector and an increase in employment opportunities corresponding with growth.

The commencement of a number of large scale projects means that a lot of work in the construction sector is being generated in the state.

Citizens and especially motorists in NSW need to be patient and obey the rules of the road, particularly around road construction zones, which they are likely to experience many of in the near future. For the sake of workers on these sites, who are often placed at the mercy of drivers around road construction zones, motorists are being urged to be patient, obey the rules of the road and the signs posted around/leading-up-to the construction zone.

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