Perfect Time to get to know Asbestos

November is Asbestos Awareness Month and all Aussies are being called to participate actively in the activities that are on offer. Activities include hosting a “Blue Lamington Drive” to highlight asbestos issues in homes and help raise crucial money for the Asbestos Disease Research Institute and Support Groups.

The Awareness campaign is titled ‘Get to know Asbestos this November’ and will educate Australians on the risks associated with asbestos and how these risks should controlled.

The initiative also includes Council Awards which will incorporate a number of categories linked to asbestos. Firms that are active in the campaign will be eligible to enter the awards. This excerpt from an article on explains more:

Aside from the Blue Lamington Drive, Betty – The ADRI House will be visiting communities around Sydney and Melbourne Metropolitan areas throughout November to educate people about where asbestos may be found in and around homes built before 1987.

Organisations who actively participate in the Asbestos Awareness Month will also be qualified to enter The Betty Awards.

Council Awards

Most Innovative Asbestos Awareness Month Council Campaigner: National

Most Active Asbestos Awareness Month Campaigner: Metropolitan Council (State)

Most Active Asbestos Awareness Month Campaigner: Regional Council (State)

Best Asbestos Awareness Month Campaigner: Association or Community Group

Best Asbestos Awareness Month Campaigner: Business or Corporate

Best Asbestos Awareness Month Campaigner: Government Department or Organisation

Best Asbestos Awareness Month Campaigner: Individual


The article goes on to detail that the use of asbestos has become extremely contentious and health organisations around the globe are issuing warnings about the serious health implications that asbestos poses. In fact the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that around 107 workers around the world die annually because of asbestos related diseases.

The article also highlights the fact that asbestos is known as a “hidden killer” sometimes taking as many as 60 years after the first exposure for fatal diseases to develop such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestos. In Oz at least 25,000 people are expected to die from asbestos related disease in the next 4 decades.

Although the use of asbestos has been banned in the country since the 1980s, there were many buildings that were constructed prior to this which are still standing today and being inhabited by people who may be unwittingly exposing themselves and their families to deadly asbestos. Building materials that contained asbestos included under floor covers such as coverings such as carpets, linoleum and vinyl tiles, behind wall and floor tiles, cement floors, internal and external walls, ceilings, eaves, garages, around hot water pipes, fences, extensions to homes, outdoor toilets, dog kennels, chook yards and backyard sheds.

The Asbestos Awareness Campaign website states:

849x565xpicresized_1415026282_1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0MVoIIEEYF“It’s vital that Australians take the warnings seriously, that they stop playing ‘renovation roulette’ and protect themselves and their families from exposure to asbestos fibres during renovations and maintenance,”

“Australians need to think smart, think safe, think asbestos – it’s not worth the risk!”


Watch the Asbestos Awareness Video:

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