New Smart Phone App to help save Worker Lives

While many technologies are labelled nuisances in the workplace, particularly high risk construction places like the construction industry, there are many new advancements in the field of safety technology that is aimed at enhancing safety particularly on the construction site. For example mobile phones on site can become a distraction to workers which can endanger their safety but they can also be a valuable tool to enhance safety.

The reason the new technology can be so beneficial to the construction industry is because it is focused at tracking missing workers on a site during evacuation.

Evacuation as we know is common on construction sites especially when safety issues arise involving fires, crane mishaps, structural collapses etc. The new smart phone app aims to improve rescue efforts during work accidents and has been hailed as a “pioneering development” in life saving technology.

The team that developed the app has now been awarded a grant of $50,000 by the ACT Government Economic Development Directorate to make further improvements to their site safety app. The company SignOnSite explained that their app helps track missing workers on site during evacuation.

Ultimately the app will increase a worker’s chance of survival should an emergency on site occur.

The following excerpt explains:

fire“With this new feature of the app, construction workers will be able to specify exactly where they are on site and the app can potentially live-track their movements in these high-risk environments once an evacuation is started,” said Alexandria Garlan, a construction management student.

Another student, Mitchell Harmer said the app could save lives.

“For example, rather than a fire fighter searching an entire burning building to try and find a missing person, the app can show them that the person was last recorded being in a specific room, so they might be able to reach them quicker,” said Mr Harmer.

“If there is an emergency, this technology will potentially increase the chance of survival for both an employee lost on site or the emergency services workers trying to find them.”


The article on goes on to explain that the company is also developing another safety app called Lone Worker which is designed specifically for workers who work in solitary. The app allows these workers to communicate with the employers off-site about their situation at a simple click of a button. The developers are apparently working in conjunction with ACT Emergency Services and the construction industry in the development of these apps.

The article goes on to explain:

The funding adds to the $35,000 the students’ were awarded in 2013 at the Innovation ACT awards to develop the app and a further $10,000 grant from St George bank they won this month to support their business.

The group is seeking industry consultation on their apps. More information can be found on the SignOnSite website.


While new developments in technology are revolutionising the way we stay safe in the construction field, there is nothing that can replace good quality safety training. Any worker beginning a job on a construction site must undergo safety training first and the best quality training can now be obtained online. The course teaches workers important safety issues such as what to do in an emergency and requirements for workers in isolation.

The mandatory White Card course is now available online, allowing workers to complete training within a day whilst gaining all the necessary safety knowledge to stay safe on a building site.

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