Crane Collapses on School

According to a report in a crane collapse has occurred in Ballarat, toppling onto a school which had been destined for demolition.

The following excerpt is from the article and explains further:

crane1A building along Ajax Street has a damaged roof and a cracked wall after a crane toppled onto its side during works Tuesday morning.

According to The Courier, no one was injured in the 11.30am incident at Ballarat Clarendon College.

Workers said the building was earmarked for demolition.

Ballarat Clarendon College confirmed they owned the building but declined to comment on the incident.


Although no one was injured in this incident, the freak nature of construction accidents and crane collapses in particular make it very clear why safety should be a priority on every work site, especially construction work sites where hazards and risks abound.

Anyone working on a construction site or in the vicinity of a building site may potentially be at risk of injury because of the hazardous nature of the construction environment, obviously people cannot be expected to simply walk onto a construction site already knowing what is expected of them in terms of safety (and what to expect of their employers in terms of their duty of care), that is the purpose of the general construction induction course.

More on Crane Safety

It is important that workers on construction sites exercise diligence and check to ensure that cranes are properly checked and certified. They should report any malfunctions or suspicions they may come across.

Unfortunately one of the most common causes of crane mishaps are malfunctions. Malfunctions sometimes cannot be avoided but it is important that cranes are properly maintained. It is also vital that cranes are inspected before each use. Operators need to be made aware of the importance of reporting any malfunctions on the machinery. Usually if operators aren’t properly trained and high risk certified, they will not be aware of the proper procedures to follow and the importance of checking, maintaining and reporting on cranes, therefore employers need to ensure that they hire operators that are qualified for the job.

Another major problem associated with toppling cranes is overloading. This is also associated with a lack of training and a lack of adherence to safety as workers who engage in this are often in a rush to get the job done as quickly as possible without taking into consideration the cranes limits etc.

Site Safety Training

In addition to operators being high risk certified and all workers on site having completed the necessary task specific and site specific safety training, it is also compulsory for everyone on site to complete general construction induction training, known as The White Card course.

The federal government has mandated that due to the high risk nature of construction work, anyone who works on a construction site, regardless of the job they are undertaking, complete general construction safety training first and have in their possession a valid White Card as proof of doing so.



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