Council Worker Suffers Electric Shock in Workplace Accident in NSW

Another worker has been hospitalised after suffering an electric shock at a sewerage treatment plant in NSW.

The council employee came into contact with a fallen power line and was electrocuted. The man was apparently battling a grass fire at the time.

According to a report about the incident on OHS website, the paramedics arrived at the scene and treated the man who was later taken into hospital in a stable condition. The fire was subsequently extinguished by fire crews. The man is lucky to be alive after being electrocuted by the live power line.

The article on concluded by issuing this warning to people as storm season approaches and the risk of live power lines falling to the ground increases,

100x100xparamedics2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9-6ivU0kppThis is another timely reminder as storm season approaches to beware of fallen power lines and to treat them as live and dangerous.

If you come across fallen power lines, or lines contacting trees, immediately notify the local distribution company.  If on roads or public places, the police should also be notified.


Although everyone in general needs to be aware of the risks associated with fallen power lines, particularly during the storm season when heavy winds have a tendency to cause power lines to fall, construction workers should be trained on how to treat power lines and the risks associated with the storm season for outdoor workers.

Storms are a major threat to construction workers which is why especially during the stormy season workers need to be aware of the weather in advance by watching and listening to weather broadcasts. It is also important to keep an eye out for storms particularly thunderstorms that may threaten and not to being any work that cannot be quickly stopped if lightning starts.

When out at a construction site remember that during thunderstorms, no place outside is safe. Workers should be taught to minimize the risk by assessing the lightning threat and taking the appropriate actions.

If you hear thunder, you are at risk of being struck by lightning so stop working and seek safety within a substantial building. This is not always possible on a work site especially if it is not built substantially as yet, then workers should seek safety in a metal topped vehicle with the windows up.

Workers on construction sites should stay off of and away from anything tall or high, including rooftops, scaffolding, utility poles, ladders, trees, and large equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, backhoes, track loaders, and tractors.

You should also never touch materials or surfaces that can conduct electricity, including metal scaffolding, metal equipment, utility lines, water, water pipes, and plumbing and stay away from areas where explosives are being kept such as on demolition sites.

If a power line falls, always treat it as live and stay away from it.

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