Addressing the Risks Associated with Falling Objects on Construction Sites

One of the most uncontrollable and unpredictable risks on a construction site is presented by falling objects. There are many instances where objects can fall or fly off a construction site and injure a worker or passer-by. An accident which took place in The United States recently in Kentucky is an example of how serious these types of incidents can be.

A construction worker was hit by a piece of wood which resulted in him being rushed to hospital for treatment. Reports say the man received “critical” injuries.

The man was hit by a piece of plywood which fell about 5 stories. Having taken place on a busy university campus, this incident could have resulted in more injuries. The following excerpt from a post on explains:

1kJfF9.AuSt.79A man was rushed Wednesday to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital with critical injuries after he was struck by plywood that fell off the roof of a building under construction on campus, UK police chief Joe Monroe said.

The construction worker was helping to load plywood while standing on the ground when he was hit by a piece of the wood that flew off the Haggin Hall roof, Monroe said. The man, whose name was not available, is 24, university spokesman Carl Nathe said.

It’s unclear what the worker was loading plywood onto while standing in the courtyard of the building, Nathe said. The accident occurred about 11:50 a.m.

The plywood fell about five stories from a dormitory that has been under construction for about a year, Nathe said. The building is near William T. Young Library.

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A common source of injury and death by falling objects is when loads that are being lifted are not properly secured and they slip or break loose, plummeting to the ground, normally at a speed, injuring, crushing or killing a worker/workers beneath.

To prevent objects from falling freely from one level to another when they are being stored a secure physical barrier must be installed. The hazard of falling objects can be managed and controlled so that workers are not debilitated or even killed by an injury by taking care at each stage of construction that hazards are being managed.

Hazards such as falling objects are just one of the many possible risks that construction work presents. In order to educate workers about all the others, employers must ensure that workers are properly trained beginning with general construction induction training.

Potential employees in the construction industry can complete the White Card course which is mandatory general construction induction training, online with minimal interruption to their regular schedules, from the comfort of their own home or office. As long as you have a computer, an internet connection and a printer, you can register for the online White Card course.

In addition to satisfying a mandatory federal requirement, it will also ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about the risks and controls associated with construction hazards.

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