Construction Safety News FAQs

Why Do I Need To Know About Construction Safety?

Legislation around the safety of employees on construction sites is constantly changing.   The effects on your employees’ personal lives and those around them after an accident can be devastating.  The penalties for not adhering to construction safety responsibilities can be crippling for small and large businesses.  It is your legal and moral duty to provide a safe environment for your employees.


What Sort of Hazards Are On a Construction Site?

There are many hazards on a construction site that place your workers, and your business at risk.

Machinery: One of the biggest causes of accidents on a construction site is machinery.  Training your employees how to use it properly is essential.

Environmental: Many aspects of a surrounding environment can kill or injure a worker; moving vehicles, large holes or slippery surfaces.

Materials: Chemicals and inflammable substances have a huge potential for danger and need to be handled correctly.

People: At the end of the day the key to a safe site is its people, knowing how to think and respond to situations that ensure the safety of their workmates.


How Do I Make Sure My Employees Are Safe?

Primarily, you must ensure that all your employees are certified with a white card.  Many employers are choosing to assist their employees to obtain this card through white card training courses online.  White card training ensures that all workers are aware of the risks and adequately equipped to minimize danger onsite.


What Organisations Are Involved in Construction Safety in Australia?

CFMEU: Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union represents workers in those industries.

Work Safe Australia: broken down into a department for State Government’s, Work Safe is the primary body dealing with safety at work across Australia.

FWBC: Fair Work Building and Construction is the government department specifically overseeing work practices within the building and construction industry.

SIE: Safety Institute of Australia organises interest groups around building and construction safety.

Fair Work Australia: is the ombudsman overseeing unfair work claims.


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