Tips to Starting a Career in Construction

There are a lot of young people who are looking for the right career and should take construction into consideration. The construction industry may be challenging in terms of health and safety, but the rewards are just as great and at the moment a skills shortage and high demand for workers means that rates are going up and workers are basically making their demands when picking and choosing their employer.

Even those young people with the goal of being their own boss can excel in the construction industry, all that’s needed is years of training and skills development. Specialists in the sector are in demand nationally with housing and infrastructure construction booming.

Deciding on a Trade Skill

One of the most difficult decisions in life is probably what career path to follow. Deciding on a trade and skills that you want to hone may be challenging but will pay off in the long run.

Conducting an aptitude test and seeking career advice from a counsellor can help but most people already know what they enjoy and what they are good at. For example some are more technically minded and prefer working with their hands, whereas others may prefer working with numbers. All these issues need to be considered when making a decision.

Also take into consideration what skills and trades are in the highest demand because these are the ones that you are most likely to find apprenticeships in.

How to Get a Job

According to there are six basic steps to searching for the right job. Below I included some of the steps I find the most useful:

  • Tap into your network. Speaking to the people around you and talking to them about opening doors to jobs you may be interested in.
  • Connecting with people that have something in common with you. People that you may have gone to school with or share the same weekend activities as you may be able to assist you, provide a connection to someone who can assist or may have the experience themselves, having gone through the same situation as you.
  • Use social media and the internet to your benefit.
  • Check job boards. Many companies and recruiters rely on these to find candidates. They will also help you streamline your search and save you and the recruiter time.
  • Contact people in the industry. Ask advice for the experts and even if they can’t help, they may be able to refer you to someone who can or to someone in the industry with a job opening.

Getting Training

The most useful tip I can give anyone seeking work in the construction sector, whether a skilled and seasoned tradespeople or a young person seeking an apprenticeship is to complete the White Card training. Employers are more interested in candidates that are already in possession of the mandatory White Card than those that still need to complete the training.

The course can be easily completed online with a short verbal assessment conducted over the phone. It is a relatively cost effective way of completing the training and is undoubtedly the most convenient.

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