Suicide Scourge Among Australian Tradies



A topic that really needs to be addressed in the construction industry, but is often swept under the rug is depression and the scourge of suicide among workers.

The hard physical labour and often lack of job security are 2 of the main reasons why construction workers are so vulnerable, another is the typically male dominated culture which is not conducive to talking about one’s feelings of depression.

Australia’s tradies are at a high risk of depression and suicide due to a number of factors and circumstances.

Shockingly a construction worker takes his/her own life in Australia every 2 days. Suicide among construction workers, mostly men aged 15 to 24 is more than twice as high as other young males, according to the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, and is obviously an issue that deserves alot more attention to address.


Posted by Construction Safety News Admin
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