Roy Hill Mining Project under Threat after Safety Incident

According to a report on the Yahoo News website, Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill Project is under threat after concerns about safety standards were raised on the site.

The concerns centred around an incident involving collapsing supporting jacks that gave way recently under heavy construction module at the project’s processing plant.

The incident happened last week but is only the latest in a number of potentially fatal safety incidents at the processing plant.

Just last month the use of cranes and heavy lifting equipment was banned at the processing facility. The Department of Mines and Petroleum took action following a string of incidents at the site which involved the lead contractor Samsung C&T and its contractors on the site.

The following excerpt from the Yahoo article explains some of the prior incidents,

They included a snapped cable during a 100-tonne lift, the discovery of serious equipment damage on a 400t crane because of incorrectly rigged cables, and other examples of damage caused by incorrect equipment use.

An investigation into a separate incident, in which a grader operated by Roy Hill contractors was hit by an empty BHP Billiton ore train, is still to deliver its report.

Roy Hill’s efforts to demonstrate it c

ould operate its lifting equipment safely were marred by another accident, after a crane toppled over during a supervised test-lift.


The Department of Mines and Petroleum lifted the prohibition notices after 3 days but also issued four improvement notices during follow-up safety inspections. These improvement notices were related to training and operating procedure failures at the processing facility.

The project is believed to be running significantly behind in its construction schedule even before safety bans. The project is working towards a September target according to reports, hoping to ship its first load of ore by then however at the moment the project is only 74 per cent complete.

In a statement issued by a Roy Hill spokeswoman it was confirmed,

“A module located in the cordoned-off laydown area at the mine processing plant shifted from the mechanical clamps, which were fitted on to the module at the point of origin and commencement of road transport to Roy Hill,” she said.

“The incident is being investigated by Samsung C&T and its subcontractors.”


Mining Construction Safety and The White Card

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