Mass Construction No Excuse for Lack of Safety

One of the reasons why White Card training is compulsory for people engaged in any form of construction is because it highlights the general construction safety issues that workers tend to overlook because of familiarity, especially more experienced workers, working on larger construction projects.

For example one of the issues the course covers is safe work from heights because although this is a major cause of injury and fatalities in the construction sector, it is also commonly overlooked because it so often occurs in the field.  Unfortunately it is human nature for familiarity to breed complacency.

Workers think that because they are exposed to work from heights on a daily basis, they are more immune to the risks than others who aren’t familiar with working from heights. This is simply not the case, and it applies to all hazards that occur on a construction site, which is why White Card training has been mandated by the federal government.

Another problematic issue related to complacent attitudes on construction sites is the lack of safety on larger construction projects. It is common for site controllers to lose track of what’s going on in terms of safety controls when there are hundreds of workers operating on a single site, engaged in a number of different trade activities at the same time.

And with a number of new big projects being planned and many already commenced in the state, it is important that we do not lose focus of the important issues, of which safety is a priority.

One such project is the expansion of the Melbourne Airport. Melbourne Airport has spent $420 million last financial year and that amount is expected to double this financial year due to the construction at its business park. The construction consists of a warehouse and logistics facilities for TNT, Toll Group, DHL and an apartment complex for the Quest Group. The 360 hectare business park has about 26 freight facilities and will be one of the biggest in the state when complete.

CEO Chris Woodruff recently stated:

Article Lead - wide6129534810hu361410854987805.jpg-620x349“Next year alone we expect to invest around $700 million as part of sustained 10-year investment period,” Mr Woodruff said.

Much of that outlay will be spent on a new terminal and road links to cope with growing passenger numbers.

“Asia continued to drive our international growth with China holding its place as our most important long haul market. Elsewhere in Asia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan all grew by an extraordinary minimum of 20 per cent,” Mr Woodruff said.

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According Woodruff, there will be a new domestic terminal which cost an estimated half a billion dollars. It includes a ground transport hub for picking up and dropping off passengers and vehicle parking. This stage of the construction should be completed by mid 2015.

The airport’s property and construction executive, Linc Horton was also quoted, explaining that this construction site is one of the largest in the state and will probably remain so over the next decade. He explained that plans are also underway for four construction stages of an elevated loop road to ease traffic congestion at the airport.


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