Time-lapse Construction Video

This time-lapse construction video shows us a “green” building going up. Its interesting to watch cranes and heavy vehicles and equipment at work.


So This is How to Lay Bricks with A Robot

You can either fear construction technology or you can embrace it. This is just one of the examples of construction technology aiding in masonry work. Creators say its meant to work alongside bricklayers and not to replace them. Let’s watch and see how it works.


Man Killed by Crane in The Big Apple

A massive crane collapse in Tribeca in New York City last week was caught on video.

One man was killed as the crane fell onto his car and 3 others were injured.

Watch the video to see how it went down.



Video Shows Perth’s Elizabeth Quay Going Up

Elizabth Quay has been under construction since 2013. In this interesting time-lapse video we see how far construction has come since then.




Heat Stress Warning for WA Issued


Source: www.dpchallenge.com

Summer is in full swing and as we return to work, employers and workers have been warned to guard against the effects of the high temperatures.

WorkSafe WA is leading the call for safety in the summer months with its Commissioner Lex McCulloch reminding employers and workers of the need to take extra care to avoid heat stress and heat stroke.

McCulloch said those working in heatwave conditions, both indoors and outdoors are at risk of heat stress and in extreme cases, heat stroke which can prove fatal.

Employers have a responsibility under workplace safety laws to provide a working environment in which workers aren’t exposed to hazards and this includes protecting them from the effects of extreme heat exposure.



Go to http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/02/worksafe-wa-issues-heat-stress-warning/#.VreHdPl97IU for more.


Thanks to Construction, SA Job Market Doing Well

traffic control

Construction Site

The South Australian government is attempting to combat the high jobless rate in the state by announcing a range of infrastructure projects to get underway shortly.

According to figures the SA jobless rate rose to 7.3 per cent in November and 7.2 per cent in December but the state government believes $6 billion worth of construction work planned to begin soon will aid in tackling this high unemployment rate.

The state’s infrastructure minister Stephen Mullighan said people who had lost their jobs in the car industry could seek employment in the construction sector.

The government says road works are a key employment opportunity in the state.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-14/sa-jobless-rate-falls-marginally-unemployment-rate/7088454


Idiots on Ladders Revealed in Pictures

A British construction competition with a difference shows us the stupidest ways to use ladders

ladder mistake one

Source: Construction Enquirer

Although we would never make any of these mistakes, it’s important that all workers are trained on ladder use. As these pictures prove, we should never assume people know how to use a ladder safely.

Caractacus-Potts-371x590 (1)

Source: Construction Enquirer

Source: http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2016/01/21/idiots-on-ladders-winner-revealed-3/


This is Why You Should Wear a Hard Hat

Hard hats are a non-negotiable part of every construction workers Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and for obvious reasons however the number of workers who become complacent towards wearing hardhats and PPE in general are alarming.

If you need some help choosing a good hard hat, watch this video.


A High Rise Building Construction Recorded

This time-lapse video shows the construction of a high rise building recently. Its interesting to watch the cranes at work and track how construction develops.


Women Crashes Car into Building Site

car crash

Source: HeraldSun.com.au

It’s a good thing construction sites were closed over the last few days or a crash in East Melbourne could have turned out a lot worse.

A woman managed to escape unharmed after crashing her car into a construction site and landing on a scaffolding, 2 metres in the air.

The 40 something woman was able to exit the vehicle uninjured and walk to safety and because the site was closed, no one else was injured.

Source: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/01/25/14/52/car-crashes-into-construction-site-in-burwood-east



Grenade Found During Construction in Cairns


Source: CairnsPost.com.au

Construction workers on a site in Cairns on Old Smithfield Road stumbled on a hand grenade thought to have been left behind after World War 2.

According to reports, builders made the find while laying foundations for a new house last week when they happened to dig up the relic from WWII. The grenade was probably buried for around 70 years.

Police were called to the site to identify the grenade and construct a safety barrier around it. The navy were then called in to remove the device and dispose of it.

The find is not a surprise, with Cairns police Sen Constable Russell Parker saying the area was a “hive of military activity” during WW2.

Source: http://www.cairnspost.com.au/news/cairns/cairns-construction-workers-find-ww2-grenade-during-house-build/news-story/05eff06c6ba09b697b2414b65aae33f9


Video Highlights Benefits of Returning To Work After An Injury

Injuries on construction sites can range from very minor to serious and even debilitating, which is why returning to work after an injury is different for everyone. This video tells the story of one such worker and highlights the benefits of returning to work as soon as possible after an injury.



Proper Ladder Usage Advice

Bunnings recently posted this helpful video with advice on how to use a ladder correctly. Although this seems like common sense, its always good to have a recap of what we should be doing.



University of Queensland Unhappy About Obstructed View of Historic Building


Source: Abc.net.au

Owners of the heritage listed Customs House are taking the Brisbane City Council to court for approving construction of a 47 storey building next door to the historic building.

A $375 million development is being built next door to Customs House which the University says contradicts the council’s own planning scheme.

The planning scheme introduced a 25 metre setback requirement to preserve the views of Customs House when seen from Queen Street.

The development would also lead to a need for the partial removal of a fig tree more than a century old and damage to a historic stone retaining wall.


Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-12/university-of-queensland-take-brisbane-city-council-to-court/7084242


This is what it’s like on a High Rise Building Site


Source: Abc.net.au

If you’ve ever wanted to experience life high above the ground, then perhaps the life of a crane operator or part of the crane crew is for you.

This article from Abc.net.au looks into a day in the life of these construction crew members on one of Melbourne’s highest building sites.


Source: Abc.net.au

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-12/the-high-rise-crane-crew/7036630


Horrendous Construction Equipment Fails

Here are some horrendous examples of construction accidents and heavy equipment fails.

Let’s hope we never experience any of these accidents on our worksites.



World’s Largest Hydraulic Excavator

Watch this monster of a machine in action, clearing the way for construction to begin.

How cool is this?



Watch A High Rise Building Under Construction

Watching a high rise building going up is so interesting, especially for construction workers who can spot what they’re doing wrong, what they would do differently, what they can learn etc. Let’s see what we learn from this one.


Returning To Work After An Injury

While we often focus on the prevention of accidents on the worksite, the sad truth is that accidents can and will happen. We need to encourage people, especially those who suffer serious injury to get the help they need and get back to work. Watch the video for more,


Watch this Crane Fail Compilation

Watching cranes in action is almost as fun as watching them fail. Let’s see what happens in this construction fail compilation.



Surprising End to Construction Worker Disagreement

A man was thrown from a building after a disagreement between 2 workers got out of hand. One worker throws the other off the building.


Watch A Sports Centre Getting Built

Here’s an interesting construction time-lapse video showing a sports centre getting built.



Improving Work Safety in the Most Dangerous Sectors

5543464-3x2-700x467Construction has been identified by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland as one of the 7 industries requiring immediate attention to improve safety.

Greater safety efforts are needed in the civil construction and construction trades industries if we are to see workplace injuries overall going down in the state.

The construction industry is responsible for a significant number of workplace compensation claims and authorities are urging immediate action to keep workers in this industry safe, as they deserve to be.

We need to look at the areas where injuries are happening and address them, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland said.

Find out more at http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/12/key-industry-sectors-identified-requiring-targeted-efforts-improve-work-safety/#.VoHJrfl97IV


Mental Health In The Workplace

roof plumb

Source: roofplumber3.blogspot.com

The mental health of your workers should always be a priority, even as much as you prioritise their physical health and safety. If this were being done, suicide wouldn’t be as great a concern in the construction industry as it is.

One in five Australian workers suffer from mental health issues at some time in their lives and the competitive working environment we function in doesn’t help. Other issues such as bullying and discrimination only increase the problem.

According to HeadsUp, there are key indicators of a healthy workplace and their are factors that contribute to an unhealthy work environment mentally. To learn more about them go to http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/12/indicators-mentally-healthy-workplace/#.VoHGnPl97IV



This is Why Crane Operators Need a High Risk Licence

Some people’s worst nightmare may be other’s dream job. Once you watch this video you’ll understand why crane operators need high risk licences.



Advice for Keeping Safe on the Work Site

traffic control

Construction Site

Avoid stress and injury on a building site by first completing mandatory white card induction training and then keeping these tips in mind.

  1. Always wear PPE as instructed by site controllers and site safety plan
  2. Always lift, move, push and pull objects correctly to avoid sprains and strains.
  3. Use ergonomically correct portable and high-powered tools.
  4. Sit down when working at low heights instead of kneeling or squatting which puts unnecessary strain on your legs and knees.
  5. Balance the weight of items in your tool belt to avoid throwing off your spine’s alignment.

For more useful tips visit: http://www.safetyservicescompany.com/industry-category/construction/5-safety-tips-for-construction-workers-on-avoiding-stress-and-injury/


Builders Turn to Timber to make Skyscrapers Earthquake Proof

japanese skyscrapers

Source: Gizmodo.com.au

Seventh century Japanese builders apparently discovered the way to build tall buildings and make them earthquake resistant.

Japan is prone to earthquakes so builders discovered a number of methods to make buildings outlast these feats of nature. Many of these ancient structures are still standing, so what was their secret?

Well for one thing, they used timber to build tall structures.

Read more at http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/12/the-ancient-material-thats-being-used-to-develop-earthquake-proof-skyscrapers-wood/


Construction Workers Pursue Melbourne Car Thief



A group of Melbourne construction workers weren’t going to let a criminal get away with stealing a vehicle and then driving down the wrong side of the road.

The workers recently chased the drug affected thief down the road with the chase being caught by CCTV. The man had stolen the ute from a building site and after being chased by the workers crashed the vehicle in a parking lot.

The workers held the man until police arrived and arrested him. The 20 year old man was apparently high on ice at the time. He has been charged for theft and dangerous driving.

Read more at https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/30350823/construction-workers-perform-citizens-arrest-after-pursuing-car-thief-through-melbourne-streets/


Time-lapse Shows Construction Progress in a Week

During a week of construction on the science building at a Wisconsin university framing, sheathing and masonry work being undertaken. Let’s see what else happens…



St Croix Construction Video

Watch a cool construction video of a bridge being built over St Croix river in Minnesota, USA. The video contains interesting footage of boats being used to transport  the materials and get them in place for construction.


Girl Struck by Falling Construction Tool

A girl in New Taipei City, Taiwan was left severely injured when a hammer head fell 9 storeys and hit her in the head. A construction worker was repairing the roof of a daycare centre when the head of his hammer become dislodged and hit the child in the head. More details below.



Time-lapse Video showing Stadium Construction

The Vikings new stadium in Minneapolis is a marvelous one. Watch it take shape from nothing in this cool construction time-lapse video.



Building Site Video

Here’s another awesome construction time-lapse video. Here we can see construction workers at work on a highrise building, which presents its own hazards and risks. Regardless of the type of construction being embarked on, safety should always be the first priority and all workers must complete White Card training in order to understand these risks.



Construction Injuries in The ACT Down


Source: publicityworks.com.au

According to a post on CanberraTimes.com.au squabbling has erupted between the ACT Master Builders and The state’s CFMEU branch.

Despite the good news that serious injury rates in the state are down, the CFMEU and Master Builders are still at logger heads about who is to blame for the ‘eroding workplace safety’.

The release of Safe Work Australia’s Comparative Performance Monitoring Report seems to have been a catalyst in bringing the recent disagreements between the two industry bodies to the surface.

Read more at http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/squabbling-erupts-despite-fall-in-work-injury-numbers-across-the-act-20151125-gl8d00.html


Three Die in Perth Construction Accidents in One Day


Source: Abc.net.au

On one day there were 3 construction worker deaths in Perth.

Alcoa’s Kwinana alumina refinery was the site of one of the accidents where a man fell from a scaffolding, apparently 30-40 metres above the ground. The man was a father from New Zealand.

The second incident happened on a worksite in East Perth. Two Irish men working in construction were killed at the Goderich and Bennett Street site. The workers were crushed when a falling concrete slab crashed into them.  The men’s bodies will be flown back to Ireland for burial.

See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2015/11/25/three-dead-in-perth-construction-incidents.html



Construction Worker Escapes Death during Demolition

demolition 1

Source: Yahoo News

A construction worker n Alabama narrowly escaped death when a chimney stack being demolished collapsed onto him while he was driving an excavator.

The man was covered in a thousand tonnes of bricks and the entire incident was caught on camera by a drone nearby.

The construction worker was brought in to help bring down the structure which 2 previous explosives had failed to to demolish.

The man was trapped in his ecavator and buried beneath the debris, but miraculously he was not killed.

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/30200006/construction-workers-remarkable-escape-from-death-after-chimney-stack-collapses-on-him/


Dozens of Sydney CBD Buildings to Go due to Metro Construction


Source: Sydney Metro

Sydney is one of the cities that will be experiencing the impact of the transport construction boom, with the Metro Rail construction expected to begin in 2018.

But even before construction begins, there will have be at least 52 buildings that are demolished to make way for the rail.

Although planners insist that the impact will be minimal, with so many buildings being demolished, it is likely the impact will be greater than was previously anticipated.

About 2 dozen of these buildings destined for destruction are in the heart of the city and are 22 storeys high.

Source: http://www.news.com.au


Value of Housing Construction Soars

roof plumb

Source: roofplumber3.blogspot.com

The value of housing construction is soaring and in the September quarter it reached $15.5 million, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The housing market throughout Australia has hit an all time high which is an indication that the sector will probably become a driver of economic growth in the country.

The value of residential construction rose by 2 per cent, especially due to the rise in apartment construction.

The healthy residential construction market is expected to off-set the downturn in engineering construction.

Source:  http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2015/11/25/housing-construction-hits-all-time-high


Construction Video Shows Concrete Motor Trowel Go Crazy

This is what happens when things go awry with construction equipment. Workers in the video aren’t quite sure what to do when a concrete motor trowel goes wild.



Tasmanian Economic Growth Hampered by Skills Shortages

downloadThe Tasmanian construction industry needs twice the amount of apprentices than it has now, the industry says.

Despite earlier warnings, the skills shortages in the construction industry and other sectors in Tasmania are apparently hampering economic growth and development.

It is believed that The Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board will write to apprentices who didn’t complete their qualifications because of a lack of work in 2013-14 and invite them to nominate themselves for a skills register. Employers would be provided with financial incentives for taking on these workers.

Given that construction in the state is expected to boom from next year, the government has also introduced a 2 week pre-vocational training course funded by TASTafe’s budget to help get these young people ready for work.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-27/tasmanian-industries-still-struggling-to-fill-positions/6982410


Workers Killed on Perth Site Leave Behind Distraught Families in Ireland

gerry bradley new 1

Gerard Bradley killed on Wednesday at a Perth site. Source: www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

The family of construction worker Gerard Bradley who was killed on a Perth construction site last week have told Belfast media that his death would leave a void in their lives.

The family are battling to come to terms with the sudden death of Gerard, who was killed alongside Joe McDermott a fellow Irishman on Wednesday.

Both men were crushed by a falling concrete slab being lifted by a crane.

Source: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/australia-deaths-gerard-bradleys-family-say-deaths-will-leave-great-void-34237958.html


Intricate Construction of A Christmas Village

Watch this construction video with a difference, its not your typically ‘village construction’ but its still cool.


Irish Immigrants Killed on East Perth Construction Site

gerry bradley new 1

Gerard Bradley, killed by a falling concrete slab. Source: www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Joseph McDermott of Omagh, County Tyrone, and Gerard Bradley from near Macosquin, County Londonderry, were 2 of the construction workers killed in Perth in the last week but there were also 3 other Irish people who died in the state.

According to the charity that returns the bodies of deceased people home for burial abroad, there were a total of 5 Irish people who died in WA in the past week.

The deaths of the 2 construction workers have shocked not only their colleagues and friends on the work site but the entire construction industry.

Reports say the men were crushed by a concrete slab that fell from a crane.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-34930134 


Basement constructed with Car Stacker pits in Melbourne

Here’s another cool construction video. Watch this basement in Melbourne get constructed in a confined area.



How This Roof Generates Power

solar shingles

Source: Construction.About.com

Solar shingles are the latest in solar technology and are fast gaining in popularity in The USA. In Australia we see alot of sunshine most of the year round, so solar technology would be well suited to our climate.

Some of the benefits of these include,

  • durability
  • fits in with home design because it looks like regular shingles
  • you wont need a large surface for an old-fashioned solar panel to be installed
  • shingles are more aesthetically pleasing and come in a number of varieties.
  • Installed is usually easy and hassle-free.

Source: http://construction.about.com/od/Electrical/fl/Roof-That-Generates-Power-Why-You-Must-Use-Solar-Shingles.htm


Preparing for an Emergency

Do you know how to get ready for an emergency such as an earthquake? Neither did I, that’s why I watched this how-to video from Bunnings, it will show you how to prepare an earthquake kit.


Watch as Mt Vernon, Illinois’ New Hospital is Constructed

Here’s a cool video showing the construction of a hospital complex in Mount Vernon, Illinoise in The USA. Let’s see how they do construction on the other side of the world…



California Construction Time-Lapse

This interesting time-lapse video of a building project in California is proof of just how cool construction is…



Construction Time lapse video

Here’s another cool construction time-lapse video to make you appreciate the wonder of construction



Construction Site Time Lapse Video

This building was constructed over a 5 year period. Let’s see what went into the construction of this project.


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